Bowl CLASSIC 17 cm (6.5") Colorful Hearts UNIKAT

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Ceramika Artystyczna

Traditional handmade pottery tableware.
Beautiful patterns are applied under the glaze using stamps and brushes.

Suitable for dishwasher, oven and microwave.
Original production, the highest quality available.
Made in the EU.


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A product of traditional arts and crafts from the Polish town Boleslawiec. More About pottery.

The pottery is made of local clays, fired at a temperature of 1250 ° C, which gives it the desired useful properties:

  • The dishes are completely safe for contact with food.
  • It is manufactured in accordance with European and American standards - ISO EN 9001, FDA certified.
  • Suitable for baking and microwave ovens, dishwashers and freezers.
  • Lead and cadmium free.
  • Resistant to chipping away and scratching.
  • Thanks to the high-quality glaze, it is easy to wash.
  • Designed for everyday use.


Beautiful patterns, which are created by hand decorating under the glaze, give these products a unique look. This "useful beauty" can become an ornament and a fully functional element of your home.

Although the dishes are very durable, there are a few simple principles to follow so your pottery can serve you well and for a long time:

Dishes must not come into direct fire or on electric hobs!

Avoid large temperature differences and transitions. Do not put pottery from the fridge or even the freezer directly into the preheated oven. Likewise, hot pieces from the oven should not come into contact with cold and wet surfaces.

You can find a more detailed Instructions for Use here.


Capacity 0,7 l
Height 7 cm
Diameter 17 cm
Weight 0,55 kg
Decoration Designer Teresa Liana
Pattern Colorful Hearts UNIKAT