For each product, you will find the dimensions in the parameters. We try to give you the best possible idea of the size of the piece. Of course, we present dimensions that make sense for a given piece and can be measured. Because it is a handmade production, these parameters may differ slightly from piece to piece. The largest deviations may be in weight, which is due to the different wall thickness. Therefore, please take this information as a guide, the differences can be up to +/- 15%. 

All the stated dimensions, ie height, length, width and diameter, are the maximum external dimensions of a given mold. Ie. that if, for example, the baking tray has a curved edge or handles, the dimension is always inclusive. If you want to get as accurate an idea of the internal dimensions as possible, you must also count on a bottom about 1 cm thick and a wall thickness of about 0.5 cm. For containers, where possible, we also state the volume. This is again the maximum volume of the container, ie. up to the edge, so the usable volume will definitely be smaller depending on the shape. 

If you need to know any other parameters that are not listed, or the dimensions of the particular piece, feel free to contact us. If it is within our capabilities, we will be happy to accommodate you.