Demand for pottery that is not in stock

The assortment of our manufacturer is  very wide. It is a handmade production that offers millions of different combinations of form and pattern. Therefore, the goods are not in warehouse, but all production takes place exclusively on customer orders. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to have everything in stock. At the same time, we regret not offering customers as many beautiful pieces that they can have made through us.

We can therefore order anything from the complete CA offer in production. And not only displayed products that are not currently in stock, but also any combination of shape and pattern. But the production capacity is busy for several months in advance, so you have to wait for the desired pieces.

For example: Would you like a cake pan in the Black Cat decor? No problem. Write us your wishes in the request form, for example, and we will order the product from the manufacturer. All products are made to order, so you have to wait until it's our turn. And it is sometimes long. Currently, expect an average of six months, for some pieces it can be up to a year. But the reward for waiting can be a piece that only a few people in the world have, or maybe no one else, besides you.

When ordering goods for production, we require a 50% deposit, which is payable before the order is created. After the goods arrive to us, we will send you a message and arrange the method of delivery and payment of the additional payment. At this time of great and rapid changes, and with such a long delivery time, we are unable to guarantee a final price at the current level. We therefore reserve the right to increase the price by 10 - 20%. We will of course inform you in the event of a larger price increase.

We continuously order the most popular products in stock. So, if you want one of these already ordered pieces, the delivery time will of course be shortened.