Boleslawiec stoneware, known for centuries, is currently experiencing a new wave of popularity. The traditional look is given by the traditional way of hand decorating with stamps. Its useful properties are then given to it by the material and production technology and amazing craftsmenship.  

The pottery are made of quality clays, which are mined near Boleslawiec. The high temperature of 1270 ° C and the sufficiently long time of the final firing ensure the durability, impermeability and heat resistance of the final product, which enables its wide use in a modern household. Dishes can be prepared in ovens and microwave ovens, they can be washed in a dishwasher. Thanks to the smooth and hard glaze, they are easy to wash by hand. The dishes keep the food warm for a long time, so it is ideal to serve it directly. Only environmentally friendly paints and glazes that do not contain cadmium or lead are used, so the dishes are completely safe for contact with food. 

 You will appreciate these practical properties of Boleslawiec stoneware when using it. Above all,  this pottery will fascinate you with its beauty. This is given by the patterns applied under the glaze using stamps and brushes. This is a precise and demanding handwork that transforms a piece of crockery into an art object. 

 Stamp decoration spread in the second half of the 19th century and experienced its renaissance in the 1980s. A variety of motifs are used, from traditional polka dots, dots, circles, grids, floral motifs and the famous peacock mesh to modern abstract elements in countless variations. The predominant colors are cobalt blue, green, brown - dyes that can withstand high firing temperatures. Under the glossy glaze, the colors never fade and the resulting pattern retains its beauty for generations.