The manufacturing is based on traditional technological processes and decoration and design techniques which means that the majority of the process involves handcraft. However, the manufacturing process is being continuously upgraded and the products are being adapted to the requirements and needs of current customers. New shapes and patterns are created whose design takes into account requirements of customers from all over the world and are based mainly on local traditions and customs.

Common export countries include Germany, England, France, Holland, or the USA, but they are now being complemented by more exotic ones such as New Zealand, Scandinavian countries, Japan, or Korea.

The authors of new designs are mainly graduates of the Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw with whom Ceramika Artystyczna has been collaborating since its beginning. One of the most famous graduates was Bronislaw Wolanin, an artist with his own works who was an art director in Ceramika Artystyczna between 1964 and 2012. Thanks to him, the products of Ceramika Artystyczna have become famous around the world and gained many awards. He is the author of many forms that were created at that time and he contributed to the rebirth and promotion of the stamp technique after 1974.

Mariucz Ochocki has been the main designer since autumn 2012, he has worked at Ceramika Artystyczna for many years and he is the author of Sushi Set, among others.

Ceramika Artystyczna currently offers about 1500 different forms and 6000 patterns and motifs. These include the so called unique patterns, complex and tricky designs comprising many elements and colors. Such products are marked with the author’s name, are unique works of art, and become the subject of interest of collectors all over the world.

The works of artists at Ceramika Artystyczna are regularly awarded at national and international competitions, trade fairs, and exhibitions, e.g., in Warsaw, Poznan, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt am Main, Madrid, New York, Tokyo, etc.